Stress and Trauma Management

How do I help you learn to cope with stress and trauma, including possible health concerns?

When you come to me for therapy about a problem with stress or trauma, I listen very closely to what is disturbing you, what you have tried, and how you hope to change. I will empathize with your problem and provide a safe space for you to talk about the things you wish to share.  Together, we learn about your life and uncover ways to live more clearly and contentedly.

More specifically, if you are feeling overwhelmed, we find ways for you to begin to cope.  I encourage you to try effective new ways of soothing yourself which will aid in reducing the stress.

If you are having nightmares, reliving a traumatic event or feeling constantly on guard, maybe expecting something bad to happen, these are trauma symptoms. These are symptoms of your prior experience and can be alleviated by talking them through to reduce the intensity and other useful trauma  techniques.

If you are having health problems which seem related to stress, I have a number of tools which can help. Of course, I obtain a history of your physical and mental concerns and what is currently a problem. I will ask for releases to access any relevant medical records and speak to any medical professionals which have potential information. Our bodies are amazing organisms which respond to illness, stress, and other stimuli in sometimes unpredictable ways, which can confuse us and cause worry. We will find ways for you to handle your particular health issues to give you more ease with them.

We create an evolving process which reinforces your new learning and provides more trust in your psychotherapy.  This helps change occur.  This provides more trust in the therapy which helps change occur.

Some common tools are listed below:

  • Learn to focus on the present.
  • Pay attention to physical sensations in your body and learn what they mean.
  • Create new responses to your body and discomfort.
  • Use activities that make you laugh and lighten your mood, even when you are very stressed or anxious.
  • Obtain techniques to heal from and manage the effects of acute stress or trauma.

If you wish to find out more about Stress and Trauma Management, please check the Suggested Reading and Community Resources pages of my website.

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