Psychotherapy Services

How do I begin psychotherapy with you?

Because I care deeply about the individuals I see, I begin to develop a warm and accepting psychotherapy relationship with you in the early sessions.  I gather important information and we discuss how you deal with your everyday life.  I encourage you in positive ways, and provide hope and reassurance as we go forward.  Together, we review how your life has unfolded and determine what changes will help you feel more present and alive.

Because I highly value your privacy, I create a comfortable atmosphere of safety and confidentiality for you to learn to heal from even the most difficult of personal problems.

How do I help you to change?

In this time of challenges for many people, I find that my ways of helping are especially relevant.  I often use sensory awareness techniques. Through these tools, I encourage you to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  When you have more awareness, you are able to make different choices about how you live your life.   In addition, I encourage changes in your interactions with loved ones through tools such as different kinds of role plays.

As we work together, I encourage you to learn about your issues in depth, including understanding your patterns which may not be working as well as you wish.  When useful, I will make observations about your strengths and areas of challenge, encouraging you in choosing your next effective steps.

What may you expect from therapy?

During your time in psychotherapy, you may experience emotional ups and downs. New thoughts and feelings may emerge, and joy may become more apparent. Over time, you should find yourself doing things differently and feel greater ease with daily life.

Below are examples of meaningful changes I have often observed with people through my work:

  • Decreasing anxiety about your daily stresses
  • Adding key tools to handle your life
  • Improving your mood & motivations to reach out to others
  • Clarifying what you wish from a significant relationship
  • Coping effectively with someone drinking or abusing drugs
  • Setting clear boundaries with children
  • Healing past abuse or trauma and really dealing with loss
  • Developing awareness of your deepest passions for life

You do need the willingness to learn who you are and how your issues arose.  When you know yourself well, you will open to a different way of experiencing your life.  You will want more depth in your relationships and feel committed to your particular passions.   You will contribute to your sense of community in wonderfully amazing and unexpected ways.