Grief, Illness, and Transition

How do I help you work through grief, an illness, or a transition?

Living through a significant loss or a personal or health transition can be very painful. You may feel hopeless, stuck, punished unjustly, angry, very sad, or all of the above. I have found that much of this struggle involves grieving, working toward eventual acceptance of the changes. Feelings of grief and loss accompany all these issues which is why I combine them together.

Grieving is a very individual process, challenging most of us to feel huge feelings and express them safely and appropriately. Time frames vary greatly for each person and I will help you to follow your own individual path through the feelings and move ahead with your life.

While gathering important information from you, I will listen attentively to what you say and ask questions about your particular situation. I will also gather history information which could provide clues to how we need to work on your issues.

If your concerns are related to your health or an illness, I obtain a history of your physical and mental concerns and what is currently a problem. I will ask for releases to access any relevant medical records and speak to any medical professionals which have potential information. Our bodies are amazing organisms which respond to illness, stress, and other stimuli in sometimes unpredictable ways, which can confuse us and cause worry. We will discuss new ways to manage and respond to your particular physical issues.

There are frequently overlapping issues among loss/illness, stress/trauma, and relationships. Progress involves weaving your new behaviors into your life as they fit for you. With patience and courage, you will find more trust in yourself and your journey, one step at a time.

We will include concepts such as these below, according to your particular needs:

  • Understanding your process of grief and loss
  • Gaining skills to work through depression or grief
  • Allowing yourself to fully grieve the loss of a loved one or change in circumstances
  • Adjust to a new health diagnosis or chronic conditions
  • Feel more alive, even with a life-altering illness
  • Identify the work you need to do to thrive

As you work toward your goals, you will feel less burdened over time. You may wish to reconnect with others you care about and want to live even more fully than you have before. Experiencing and understanding the process of grief can provide support for you to continue with this important emotional work.

If you wish to find out more about Loss, Illness and Transitions, please check the Suggested Reading and Community Resources pages of my website.

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