Diana Sanborn, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist, PSY 15069
Serving Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area


Unexpected challenges can arise when we least expect them. We can reach a point where we do not know what to do next to solve a difficult problem or connect better with a loved one.

When you are searching tor a caring, competent and experienced therapist, trust yourself. When you listen closely to your thoughts and feelings, you will know what person fits for you. You already have the wisdom inside you to start to make changes. Just keep doing the next positive thing you think is best, and you will begin to feel better, one step at a time.

My specialties

I specialize in the three areas below. These areas frequently overlap as do life’s problems. I love working with your unique combination of talents and challenges, weaving a blend of tools and new perspectives into our work together.

Please click on any area to link to the individual specialty page.

People I often work with . . .

I love helping people find out more about themselves. I know you really want to feel better. I have worked with a wide variety of people in my life and value individual differences because of these experiences.

  • Individuals bothered by another person’s drinking or addictive habits
  • Adults coping with stress or trauma
  • Adult survivors of childhood abuse
  • Individuals with health issues
  • Adults with spiritual perspectives

I invite you to look over my website and give me a call, 415-721-2884, or send me an email at drdsanborn@gmail.com. I offer a free phone consultation. I have worked with many different people in my 28 years of clinical experience. My way of doing therapy just might work for you, too.