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  1. *Practicing psychotherapy 25 years

  2. *Extensive work with individuals from dysfunctional families

  3. *Trained in EMDR

Licensed Psychologist

CA  PSY15069

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, 1994. California Institute of Integral Studies

M.Ed. Guidance and Counseling, 1974

Antioch University

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        My individual adult work starts with helping

you to know yourself better.  I help you learn to know your thoughts, feelings, and how you behave through specific sensory awareness techniques.  Making changes in your life takes practice but the rewards can be very positive for you and those around you.

        Because I highly value your privacy, I create a comfortable atmosphere of safety and confidentiality for you to learn to heal from even the most difficult

of personal problems.

   How do I help you to change?

      Once we meet and agree to work together, we begin to create individualized tools you can apply to your current situation.  We continue to work toward the changes you need by creating a plan of detailed treatment goals.  This plan is a working document and always subject to changes in the course of your work with me.

        In this time of so many challenges for people, I find that my ways of helping people are especially relevant.  I am particularly skilled at helping you find personalized tools to handle stressful situations well and significantly improve your interactions with loved ones.

  What may you expect from therapy?

        During your time in psychotherapy, you may experience emotional ups and downs.  New thoughts and feelings may emerge, and joy may become more apparent.   Over time, you should find yourself doing things differently and feel greater ease with daily life.


        Below are examples of meaningful changes I have often observed with people in my work:

  1. Decreasing anxiety about your daily stresses

  1. Adding key tools to handle your life

  1. Improving your mood & motivation to reach  

        out to others

  1. Clarifying what you wish from a significant relationship

  1. Coping effectively with someone drinking or abusing drugs

  1. Setting clear boundaries with children

  1. Healing past abuse or trauma and really dealing with loss

  1. Developing awareness of your deepest passions for life.


        You do need the willingness to learn who you are and how your issues arose.  When you know yourself and your patterns, you can choose to live more fully in the present.   You can open to a brighter future and, and often, for others in your life as well.  The learning you will gain in you psychotherapy work will apply to so many areas of your life, often in wonderfully amazing and unexpected ways.


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Diana Sanborn, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist providing individual adult psychotherapy services for Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area.  She specializes in Stress, Anxiety, Trauma; Relationships and Codependency; and Grief, Illness, and Transition.  Her accessible office is located in Kentfield, CA, across from the College of Marin, close to Highway 101, and near to San Anselmo, San Rafael, Larkspur, and Mill Valley.


How do I begin psychotherapy with you?